Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Start of my Journey!

Dear Family,

Mum thank you so much for that email. I love you so much...  It made me tear up a little but I don't want to cry in front of the Westover family so I'm trying to hold back my tears. Also, Jisu thank you for the letter you wrote me. I was reading it on the plane to Auckland and I cracked up laughing SO loud haha. Some people were looking at me weirdly but oh well it was funny.

I'm here at the Westover's safe. They are such a cute family. The kids are sooo gorgeous. They all have blue eyes and blond hair. I was talking to a 6 year old named Amber. I asked her "Do you wanna be a missionary when you are older?" then she said "Nah... I'd rather stay home and have a boyfriend." haha so cute. I had all sorts of American Cereal like frosty flakes, fruit loops... for breakfast. It was so American I had to take a photo. I told them our experience with the newborn lamb the night before I came here and they were so amazed. I showed them photos of the lamb.

I was eating the Kimbab you made me at the Auckland airport. It was delicious and I'm gonna miss your food. Thank you so much for getting up early in the morning to make breakfast and lunch for us everyday before seminary. It always showed me your love and care for us. I met up with Stacey and her mum and the Auckland airport. It was good to see them. They bought me an aeroplane pillow! The plane ride from Auckland to LA was LONG. I tried to sleep on the plane but not too successful. In Auckland I met Elder David who is also flying to the Provo MTC so I wasn't too alone.

It's just so weird hearing American accent everywhere! lol. I love it hah. It's perfect weather here. Very warm but not too hot. The mountains here in Utah are so AMAZING. Beautiful place!

At the Salt Lake City airport, I met up with Brother Westover (a missionary taught my family the Gospel back in Korea). We were waiting like 30 for my big suitcase because it didn't come out. We asked for help and they tried to look for it for another 30 min. I was worried that the suitcase was lost then they said that the suitcase did arrive at the airport but they didn't know where it is. It made me more worried. Did someone take my suitcase??!  but after an hour of waiting, it just popped up in the luggage carousel. I felt so blessed. From the car ride to the airport to here I felt like my Heavenly Father is looking down on me and I feel... 'protected.'  

I gotta go now. Eleni is picking me up to take me around BYU campus before dropping me off at the MTC.

Love you always,Sister Sangji Lee.

P.S. I'll send you photos in the next email.

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  1. Hey sangji-belle!

    Good luck,

    Much love,

    Seems you're always positive! :D