Monday, 28 October 2013

Exciting Week

A missionary co-ordination meeting we had last week. Our Ward mission leader took us to a restaurant that specialises in saucy raw crab dish '게장'. T'was delicious. Sister Boone doesn't like seafood especially when it's raw so the elders and I got to eat extra.

We had a semi-stake Halloween Party. I dressed up as a chef and wore my 'Cook-Of-Mormon' apron. (show it to Eleni please) and Sister Boone dressed up as an elf. I drew elf ears and stuck them on her but people kept asking what she is and why she has Budda ears... so she got another person to redo elf ears haha. It was a fun night. Sister Boone and I were in charge of the candy throw activity, where people throw gummy bears into people's mouths.

Just a normal day on the streets of Korea~

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