Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Special Experience

Dear friends,

This we had some good days! We have this investigator Sister Oh. She is a referral from our Stake President's wife. She has been friends with her for a long time and they work together. She has observed the good that comes from our church for a long time, especially on families. She really is so prepared. I couldn't believe how prepared she is and I even was a little suspicious... She asked us when she can get baptised! haha that never happens. She is such an angel. She wants the Gospel in her family and she has sincere desires to come closer to Jesus Christ. We met her three times and each of those discussions were so Spiritual. Last Friday, we had a discussion on the Restoration. It was a special experience.

It's getting really cold here in Korea. The temperature dropped so low suddenly.

Today is P-day (Preparation-day) and we have a Sisters' Conference in Naju which is an hour bus ride away. The sister missionaries in our zone and getting together and celebrating Pepero Day together for fun.
It'll be fun. I'll send photos next week.

Talk to you again next week.

Sister Sangji Lee.

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