Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas

This last Friday, there was a Christmas Party in Daejeon for all the missionaries in the mission. I enjoyed that very much. It took like 2-3 hours on KTX each ride but was worth it. We did this thing called "The white elephant" which is like Secret Santa. I got lollies, felt pens and clay! Yay~ Thank you Santa. Then we had yummy Korean lunch. Then we watched "Home Alone." Haha yes, that's right. I didn't think the President would allow us to watch a non-church movie but it was Christmas so. It was so weird watching a movie though. I couldn't get myself to enjoy it. 

Then we had this Christmas Devotional with Musical numbers and stories read. The elders in our District did a singing item so I played the piano for it. I didn't have time to practice the song so I was nervous that I'd make lots of mistakes. I prayed a lot that He would help me. When I prayed, I got the impression not to worry and that He would help me. When I played the it during the performance I played it really well without mistakes. That devotional was so special. I felt the Spirit. I felt how much Jesus Christ loves me and how happy His birth is. 

We are teaching this part-member family right now. The Dad is a less active. That family is so special. They have met the missionaries for a long time before but there hearts are so ready now. The Mum wants to live the Gospel and the kids love our discussions. It's rare that kids are like that but when we asked them to come to the Christmas Party at church the mum was like to the little girl "do you want to go?" and she was like "Yes mummy, I wanna go." Apparently the little girl prays by herself before having food when no one told her to. When we were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation, the girl was telling us the Kingdoms of glory because she remembered from discussions she had before when she was like 6. :0 She is literally an angel. 

We have another investigator called Sister Choi. She was a former investigator we found the week before. Before we met again last week, we heart-attacked her door with cookies. When we met her again she told us how she was having a really bad day because of an argument with her husband then that night she saw the cookies and the hearts on the door and she was so touched. It really made her feel better. I love doing that! It was such a little act of service but it helped her. I'm grateful that our Heavenly Father guided us on which day to heart attack her.

We have this other investigator, Sister Park. She is in her 80's. I found her on a bus ride. I just talked to her when I was a Greenie (new missionary). She has been sick for a long time and she told us last time that her daughter, whom she is living with at the moment, doesn't like us coming over. We haven't visited her for a long time but we decided to visit her without notice. Aww, that was such a special time. When we came, she was like "you keep coming when I tell you not to..." laughing. Although she said that she missed us and was happy to see us. She fed us lunch. After lunch we had a lesson on Jesus Christ's ministry. Sister Choi and I both didn't know what to teach her about when we got there but as we talked with her during lunch I felt a prompting to teach her about Christ's life. I whispered to Sister Choi "Christ's life" and she said that she felt the same prompting to teach her about that. I really love her so much. I feel like she's my grandmother. She expressed that she feels inadequate to be baptised but we know that her Father in Heaven can help her to be ready for baptism. 

There is a lady next to me who is asking me questions about the Book of Mormon now so I gotta go haha.

Snow in Korea 
Our district
Missionaries at Christmas party 

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  1. We watched Ben Hur for our Christmas conference. I think they might have watched Home Alone the year before that, actually. Funny.