Thursday, 26 December 2013

Reaching Milestones

This week we have had a lot of miracles. On Thursday, we had a punk so we were thinking what we should do. On a whiteboard we have the names of our investigators, potential investigators and less actives. This name of a potential investigator kept pressing down upon my mind. We went and visited her. She said that every time she needs help with her faith us the sisters come to her. I cried and told her that I felt prompted to come here after a punk. She comforted me and gave me tissues. She thought that I was crying because of the punk but I was crying because Heavenly Father loves her so much that He wanted us to go to at that exact time. She became a new investigator. 

This week we had a goal to teach for 14 hours. We achieved our goal!! Yay~

We have been able to have a lot of good lessons on the street lately. He gave us miraculous opportunities to help us achieve our goal.

As a zone we have this Book of Mormon project. We are all reading the whole of Book of Mormon in 6 weeks (one transfer). We have to read while exercising, eating and when there isn't people to talk to on the bus. I found that as I am reading the Book of Mormon more, I feel happier. When I am testifying to people about the truthfulness of the sacred book, I am able to testify more sincerely and Spiritually. Before when I read the Book of Mormon I think I focused on what the people were like but this time I am reading the Book of Mormon and trying to think more about who Christ is and it's wonderful. 

We do 20 minute member visits and we have been focusing the visits on the Book of Mormon lately. President Gordon B Hinckley gave us three promised blessings that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. 1. Greater Spirit in our lives 2.Stronger desire to keep the commandments 3.Greater testimony of  Jesus Christ. I know that is true. When we visit members we can really tell those members who have read the Book of Mormon and those who haven't, as harsh as it sounds. Each member has special reason why they come to this church. It can be member friends, the missionaries, fun activities. However, the ones who have read the Book of Mormon come to church for the perfect reason. Because of their love for Christ and their strong testimony that this is His restored church. 

On Saturday, we visited an elderly couple in their late 80's. They were converted in their senior years (like 70's?) but we were so impressed by how strong they were in the Gospel. They had a firm testimony of the Gospel and they showed that in their actions. I noticed that their scripture was fully marked and well-used. My companion and I both thought "that's how." I love them so much. They have so much love for us. They fed us so much pumpkin soup though haha. I had trouble walking with such a full stomach that night...  

I know my family is a family that has been strengthened through reading the Book of Mormon. I so glad that I read the Book of Mormon before my mission because that was how I gained a testimony of the Restored Gosepel.

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