Friday, 25 July 2014

More photos!

Happy birthday Sister Lee!! :D we all love you~~~

This is a grandmother that we visit sometimes. She is really old and her knees not working so she sits down outside the house everyday. When we come to visit she is like "아이고 착해라 x10" (Goodness, you are kind!) haha. She rubs her face on us and gives us cuddles like crazy. We LOVE her! 

Sister Boone came back to Korea with her family. It was so great to see her. Three of us taught a Recent Convert Lesson with Sister Moon. 문정애s. 
."I missed you~~ Laura~^^"
Soap making activity for Relief Society~
Sister Simonsen and us. Sister Simonsen was a Travelling Sister Leader. (yes, we have them in our mission now.) Three of us went on a split for a week. It was so fun.
Baptism of 현진. It was not a convert baptism because she was 8 years old but her family is less active so we taught her the lessons before baptism. She is the sweetest girl. In her prayers, she's like "Heavenly Father, please help me to go to Heaven when I die."
We found a real estate with my name haha. We went and talked to the man inside and told him about the same name. He says that even the Chinese Characters were the same as mine.
Shoes I have worn from the beginning of my mission. They were too worn out so I got a new pair.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


This week, we had some miracles that I want to share with you.
*When we proselyte we give out the cards with our names and phone number to those people who seem not interested. We give out the Book of Mormon or the pamphlets to those who are interested. Well... On Thursday we got a text from someone who we talked to months ago and gave the card to. He had interest in our message. (no english interest! yay!) We made an appointment to meet next week. 

*Yesterday we were on our way to visit a new investigator with a member. Nek minute(haha), a Filipino lady comes up to us and asks in English "Where is the meetingplace?" She seemed so happy to see us. It turned out that she is a member. She got married to a Korean and came to Korea 6 months ago. She was trying to find the meetingplace online but the address was in Korean so she couldn't find it. She has been praying to see the missionaries so that she can come to church. We got her number and connected her to the sister missionaries living in her area. Because of this experience, she can partake of the sacrament for the first time in 6 months. I'm so grateful to be an instrument in God's hands in answering His children's prayers.

*On Wednesday, we talked with this old lady on the street. She was so cordial. We didn't have much time to talk to her but we invited to come to the baptism on Saturday. She said that she will bring her friends. Sister Jensen and I both thought that she won't come because that's what always happens. On Saturday, we are outside taking pictures and we see the old lady coming! :o haha then we see behind her two friends... They all really enjoyed watching the baptismal service and loved mingling with the members and having food afterwards. There is power in just simply 'inviting."

*On Saturday, we visited a less active who is trying to come back to church lately. While we were talking to him, I felt the love God has for him and I felt the Spirit strongly as we testified about that. Before we finished, we asked "Is there anything we can do to help you?" and he asked us to sing a children's hymn. We sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus."
I know this is not an unusual experience or anything but I just felt soo happy that night. I couldn't stop smiling all night. My heart felt 'full of joy.' I'm so thankful to do this work. I don't think I've felt this much happiness before my mission.

I love you so much!!!

안녕하세요 신회장님,요번주에 경험했던 기적들에 대해 나누고 싶습니다.*목요일날 어떤분으로 부터 문자를 받았습니다. 그 문자에는 이렇게 써 있었습니다- "안녕하세요. 일전에 명함(이상지&젠슨 자매) 받았는데 장로교회 다니는 사람도 만나세요? 저는 이존신이라고 하고 성경에 대한 지적 호기심이 많아요... 장로교인도 만나시나 해서요.." 저희는 전도하면서 관심이 많이 없으신 분들에게는 카드를 주는데 그분은 저희의 카드를 받으신 몇달 후에 연락하시면서 만나시고 싶어하셨습니다. 지금 관심 없으신 분들에게도 복음을 나누는 것이 중요한것 같습니다. 

*어제 저희는 회원과 같이 새로운 구도자를 만나러 가는 길이었는데 어떤 필리핀여성이 저희에게 오시면서 "where is the meetingplace?"라고 물어보셨습니다. 알고보나까 그분은 회원이셨습니다. 한국사람을 결혼하셔서 한국에 오신지 6개월되셨고 저희의 교회를 찾고 계셨습니다. 인터넷에서도 검색해봤지만 주소가 한국말로 되어서 찾지를 못하셨습니다. 그래서 선교사들을 만날수 있도록 기도하셨다고 하셨습니다. 그분은 논산에 살고 계셔서 공주자매선교사들과 열결해 주었습니다. 저는 이 사업을 하면서 사람들의 기도를 응답하는 하나님의 도구가 될수 있다는게 정말 감사합니다.

*저희는 토요일날 밤에 저활동이신 이승우형제님을 방문했습니다. 그분은 다시 교회로 돌아오실려고 노력하고 계십니다. 하나님 아버지는 그분을 얼마나 사랑하시는지 느꼈고 그것에 대해 간증을 나눌때 성신을 강하게 느꼈습니다. 폐회 기도하기전에 저희가 도와줄수 있는것이 있으신지 물어봤습니다. 어린이 찬송가를 불러주라고 부탁하셨습니다. 젠슨 자매님과 저는 "주님을 따르려고"를 불러들었습니다. 그 방문 후에 정말 행복했습니다. 그날 밤 계속 미소를 짛으면서 다녔습니다. 선교사업을 할수 있어서 정말 감사합니다. 이렇게 마음에 충만한 기쁨을 느낀것은 선교사업 하면서 처음인것 같습니다.

*회원분들과 함께 와드 가정의 밤을 계획했습니다. 이 활동을 통해 소개를 받으려고 합니다.

감사합니다. 신회장님.이상지 자매 올림 

Another transfer with Sister Jensen!

Sister Jensen with a sign "Teach me Korean"
At Sister Moon's baptism

This week was a good week. This morning we found out that Sister Jensen and I will be staying another transfer together. It is so unusual to have greenies stay in their 1st area for 5 transfers.  It is going to our 4th transfers together and we are so excited. I LOVE serving with Sister Jensen. She is an angel sent from Heaven. Before my mission, I heard a returned missionary tell me that during his mission he got to stay only 1 transfer with companions he got along well and many transfers with companions he struggled with. It hasn't been like that for me. I've been so spoilt with companions that I'm afraid when the really hard one will come along haha.

Zone activity today. Everyone in our zone. We played sports and ate Costco pizza together.
Sister Jensen(my companion) with our Mission President (President Shin) and his wife (Sister Shin)

We haven't been having too good stats lately because after the baptsim of Sister Moon so many of the investigators kind of disappeared...  We are doing a lot of finding at the moment. The thing is though, even though we have low stats I feel like we are doing what we are meant to. I feel the Spirit and feel so happy even when we are sweating like crazy in this heat haha.

I read 2 Nephi 33 yesterday and I love it. In verse one, Nephi says that when he speaks, the Holy Ghost is carried unto the heart of the man. However, he is so sad that the people harden their hearts against the Holy Ghost that is carried unto them. I feel a bit of what Nephi feels. I got  comfort from verse 4. I know that the prayers that are said for these people are not gone to waste. Even when we can't see the fruit of what we are doing, "God will consecrate my prayers for the gain of my people."

I love my mission because I'm understanding more about the atonement of Jesus Christ every single day.

When I was a Greenie, I had times when I was discouraging myself a lot. I felt that my testimony of the Atonement was too weak. I saw others bear heartfelt testimonies about the atonement with tears and I just thought I can't do that... I thought "I haven't felt enough and don't understand enough." When I thought that I asked myself "then what am I doing here?? My purose is to teach others about the atonement and I don't have a testimony of it." I remember praying and begging my Heavenly Father that I can gain that sure testimony of the Atonement like all these missionaries around me do.

My prayer didn't get answered with a boom suddenly but rather my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gradually opened my understanding that all this time it was through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that these blessings were brought to my family, that it was through the Atonement my heart was changed.

It's the same with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I heard people say that they put Moroni's promise to the test. That they read Moroni 10 and prayed then got an answer through the Holy Ghost while they were praying that it is true. I was worried during some times of my misison because that didn't happen to me. I thought "Gosh, I don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon."
But now I know that those discouragements came from the wrong source. I do have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that these are prophets of God who are speaking to me through these words. One of my favorite things about my mission is the time I spend with the Lord during personal study of the Book of Mormon.

Anyway love you all so much.  muah

Visit from Elder and Sister Christopherson

So hello~

This Friday, we had a Zone Conference and I was asked to translate. Funny moment, when a Korean Sister spoke in Korean I started repeating what she said.

Saturday was a special day. Elder and Sister Christopherson (one of the Twelve Apostles) came to our mission with Elder and SIster Maines and Whiting from the Seventy. We performed in a choir. Sang arirang and 섬집아기 lulluby with Army of Helaman. :)
We all got to shake their hands. Elder Christopherson read out my name on my badge as he was shaking his hand. 

At the meeting, Elder Christopherson had a question and answer time. I was surprised to find out how personable he is. I felt close with him as he spoke because he also had trials in the past like us. He also had his process of converting to the Gospel. By the end of the meeting, a thought came to my mind that I should ask how to use personal study most effectively to him but I thought ' it's time to finish. It's too late to ask." Elder Christopherson then said "Ok, one more question from the Sisters." I put my hand up and asked the question. He gave us very good advice that helped a lot of us missionaries. 

There was also another special meeting with Elder Christopherson that was for members and investigators in the evening. We went with two of our investigators. During the meeting, I saw someone who was familiar to me. I looked at him for a while and realised he was in a photo at home. He was Westover's companion in the photos. I went up to him and asked "did you serve in Suwon by any chance?" He said "yes." I asked "did you ever teach an investigator called 이기호형제님?" then his was like "the little girls that I used to play with during your dad's lessons. :o" haha He recognised me. His name is 최용찬. I introduced him as the missionary who taught my dad to the two investigators who came that night. 

He gave a photo of dad's baptism the next morning. I sat with our investigator as I was looking at the photo. I felt so grateful for dad's decision to lead our family into the Gospel. I thought of all the times the Gospel helped our family. I remembered the times when we prayed together during the whirlwinds of life. I remembered dad going to the temple to receive direction with this career change. I remember the effect repentance had in restoring relationship for mum and dad after arguments. I remembered Jisu getting strength and comfort from the Lord through BOM verses. Whenever it was hard, we knew who to look to; our Saviour and our Father in Heaven. 

I turned around and asked to our investigator 'what did you like from Elder Christopherson's talk last night?" She said "Heritage." She realised that her baptismal commitment and her decision to live the Gospel won't only effect her but her future generations. I testified to her the truth of that by showing dad's baptism photo and expressing how grateful I am for dad's decision. It was actually mum and dad's many decisions after baptism that really effected our family but I treasure that first step dad took for our family. I couldn't help but cry.
She is planning to be baptised this Saturday. Her name is 문정애. Pray for her if you want to.
I love you all so much and I hope you are doing good.

With Brother Choi(최용찬) who introduced the gospel to our family

Sister Jensen and I with our investigator