Friday, 25 July 2014

More photos!

Happy birthday Sister Lee!! :D we all love you~~~

This is a grandmother that we visit sometimes. She is really old and her knees not working so she sits down outside the house everyday. When we come to visit she is like "아이고 착해라 x10" (Goodness, you are kind!) haha. She rubs her face on us and gives us cuddles like crazy. We LOVE her! 

Sister Boone came back to Korea with her family. It was so great to see her. Three of us taught a Recent Convert Lesson with Sister Moon. 문정애s. 
."I missed you~~ Laura~^^"
Soap making activity for Relief Society~
Sister Simonsen and us. Sister Simonsen was a Travelling Sister Leader. (yes, we have them in our mission now.) Three of us went on a split for a week. It was so fun.
Baptism of 현진. It was not a convert baptism because she was 8 years old but her family is less active so we taught her the lessons before baptism. She is the sweetest girl. In her prayers, she's like "Heavenly Father, please help me to go to Heaven when I die."
We found a real estate with my name haha. We went and talked to the man inside and told him about the same name. He says that even the Chinese Characters were the same as mine.
Shoes I have worn from the beginning of my mission. They were too worn out so I got a new pair.

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