Sunday, 6 July 2014

Visit from Elder and Sister Christopherson

So hello~

This Friday, we had a Zone Conference and I was asked to translate. Funny moment, when a Korean Sister spoke in Korean I started repeating what she said.

Saturday was a special day. Elder and Sister Christopherson (one of the Twelve Apostles) came to our mission with Elder and SIster Maines and Whiting from the Seventy. We performed in a choir. Sang arirang and 섬집아기 lulluby with Army of Helaman. :)
We all got to shake their hands. Elder Christopherson read out my name on my badge as he was shaking his hand. 

At the meeting, Elder Christopherson had a question and answer time. I was surprised to find out how personable he is. I felt close with him as he spoke because he also had trials in the past like us. He also had his process of converting to the Gospel. By the end of the meeting, a thought came to my mind that I should ask how to use personal study most effectively to him but I thought ' it's time to finish. It's too late to ask." Elder Christopherson then said "Ok, one more question from the Sisters." I put my hand up and asked the question. He gave us very good advice that helped a lot of us missionaries. 

There was also another special meeting with Elder Christopherson that was for members and investigators in the evening. We went with two of our investigators. During the meeting, I saw someone who was familiar to me. I looked at him for a while and realised he was in a photo at home. He was Westover's companion in the photos. I went up to him and asked "did you serve in Suwon by any chance?" He said "yes." I asked "did you ever teach an investigator called 이기호형제님?" then his was like "the little girls that I used to play with during your dad's lessons. :o" haha He recognised me. His name is 최용찬. I introduced him as the missionary who taught my dad to the two investigators who came that night. 

He gave a photo of dad's baptism the next morning. I sat with our investigator as I was looking at the photo. I felt so grateful for dad's decision to lead our family into the Gospel. I thought of all the times the Gospel helped our family. I remembered the times when we prayed together during the whirlwinds of life. I remembered dad going to the temple to receive direction with this career change. I remember the effect repentance had in restoring relationship for mum and dad after arguments. I remembered Jisu getting strength and comfort from the Lord through BOM verses. Whenever it was hard, we knew who to look to; our Saviour and our Father in Heaven. 

I turned around and asked to our investigator 'what did you like from Elder Christopherson's talk last night?" She said "Heritage." She realised that her baptismal commitment and her decision to live the Gospel won't only effect her but her future generations. I testified to her the truth of that by showing dad's baptism photo and expressing how grateful I am for dad's decision. It was actually mum and dad's many decisions after baptism that really effected our family but I treasure that first step dad took for our family. I couldn't help but cry.
She is planning to be baptised this Saturday. Her name is 문정애. Pray for her if you want to.
I love you all so much and I hope you are doing good.

With Brother Choi(최용찬) who introduced the gospel to our family

Sister Jensen and I with our investigator

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