Monday, 25 August 2014

New Area

So here I am in 서산!. People consider this city as a countryside (시골) but it's not really. It's the size of Dunedin. Our branch is tiny! We have like 25 people attending. I introduced myself at sacrament meeting yesterday.

My new companion's name is Sister Deus and she is from West Jordan, Utah. She is amazing... Unfortunately some people told me bad things about her before I met her so I was kind of worried but when I got to know her I was amazed at how great she is! She is a really Christlike missionary. I miss Sister Jensen but I'm so blessed to be her companion.   

I feel like every time I change companions, I get to repent. First step of repentance is recognising what I'm doing is wrong. Well, everytime I change companions, I get to recognise things that hindered me from being a better missionary. Sister Deus' example is helping me to repent. 

I have you tell you about the funniest and the weirdest thing that happened yesterday. We had a Ward Mission meeting with our Branch President. Our Branch President is famous. Everyone talked about him before I came here. I was wondering why... He gave us a talk for 30 minutes on how we need to give chocolate to our investigators when giving a baptismal commitment because Korean people have a give and take relationship... :/ I thought he was joking so I was laughing but he wasn't... lol. He also committed us to talk with 1000 people this week and baptise 10 of them. The meeting went for 1 hour and it was not productive. Sister Deus said it's like that every week and we were confused what to do because we don't want to waste the Lord's time but we also want to respect our church leader and work with the members so I wrote to the President about it in my email today. 

On Saturday, we met with an investigator called 이은정 자매님. She is such a sweetheart. Her husband passed away so she was struggling coping with his death. She kept having this feeling to contact us so she's been meeting with us and learning about the plan of salvation. While we were teaching about the Spirit World and talking about how her husband is there right now, she started crying. She said she just wants to know how he's doing. Sister Deus started crying too. That was so touching. It was so touching because Sister Deus cried with her without any pretension or exaggeration but because she sincerely loved her and wanted to bear that burden together. I felt like I was watching an angel from Heaven. She did what Christ would have done if He was there. 

I have to go now but I will send you photos next week.

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