Monday, 25 August 2014

One Year Mark!

WOOHOO one year mark!! Congratulations Sister Lee :D
Thank you Stacey, Beth, Sariah and Dunedin Young Women for sending in these photos<3

Awww I almost cried when I saw all of them congratulating me. Gosh, if I can be there I would give all of them the tightest hugs. Tell them that for me. 

I am loving it here in Seosan! The members are so great. They are a spiritual powerhouse. 

On Wednesday there was a combined District meeting. I really liked the training given by our Sister Training Leader, Sister Livingston.This is what I wrote in my journal afterwards. 

I really enjoyed Sister Livingston's training. She taught us on the correlation of Christ's atonement and baptism. I was touched by a quote she shared from a conference talk. 
"The miracle of the atonement is not that we can go home but that we can feel home here." Christ atoned for us. Because of His sacrifice we can walk this journey with Him; with Him giving us strength, love and fresh starts on our way. As we are baptised we take upon His 'yolk.' We can push together. That's why we invite our investigators to be baptised. It's like saying "we've taught you how to communicate with Him. We've taught you how to read His words (BOM) and now it's time you walk with Him."

During the combined District meeting, we all got to have interview with the President. I love President Shin. It was a little hard at times to feel his love because he is very strict and serious but while serving around the office area for 6 months I've come to know that he does really care about us and love us, that everything he is doing is for us to grow and be happy. 

This week, I was memorising the Articles of Faith in Korean. In the fifth article it said that people are called by God to preach the Gospel and administer the ordinances. As I was memorising that I asked myself "was I called to be a missionary? or did I call myself?" A lot of the sister missionaries I know has had strong spiritual experiences when they knew for sure that God wanted them to serve a mission. I haven't had that before my mission. I just had that 'desire'  to share the Gospel and everything worked out fine that I can go.

One day during companionship study time, Sister Deus shared her Spiritual experience when she knew that she had to go on a mission. As she shared that I got the answer to the question that I asked myself the day before. I felt strongly that I was called by God to be His missionary. Not because He needs me but because I need Him. I need this time for Him to mould me into the person He wants me to become. I need this time to be trained on how to teach the Gospel with the Spirit for my future children. I need this time to learn for myself the importance of obedience. I need this time to learn to rely on the Atonement always. I felt so grateful that God called me to be a missionary. I haven't had a strong manifestation that I had to come out here but ever since I was young God prepared me for this. That 'desire' I had to share the Gospel was from God.


Sister Moon 문정애 (our recent convert). goodbye hug!!! 
We have a park close to our church. It's one of the art works there. I thought it was so funny so took a photo of it.
We talked to this lady and she invited us to this so we went haha. A karaoke party for grandmas. Sister Deus and I had a blast clapping and singing with those grandmas.
The park by our church. 호수공원.
Yesterday there was a baptismal service of the elder's investigator. This is our whole branch with his family.
Our branch is the only one with a portable baptismal font in the mission. 

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