Monday, 11 August 2014

Transfer to Seosan (서산)

So I will be transferring to 서산. President is whitewashing (taking out both of us) the area and replacing sister missionaries with elders because our mission doesn't have many sister missionaries now. I will be serving with someone called Sister Deus. I've heard of so many things about her... its' kind of confusing. Anyway I'm excited to find out what the Lord wants me to learn from my new companion! :) Sister Jensen is transferring to 둔산 which is close to our area.

My year mark is coming up!!! August 28th. It's a weird feeling. It definitely doesn't feel like it's been a year. I do feel like I'm just getting the gist of what missionary work is. Something I have heard a lot is that missionaries tend to slow down after the year mark. Gosh I do not want to do that!! I'm gonna work my bum off! I can kind of understand why missionaries do that though.. Missing family etc...

Miracle of the week.
Well... you know how I told you that I was on a bus that had an accident. Well at that time, the bus driver was in a panic. Sister Jensen and I tried to help out with whatever but there wasn't much we could do. Afterwards, we thought 'why were we there at the accident??" We had a feeling that the Lord placed us there for a reason.
The other day we got on a bus. There were empty seats at the back but I had a feeling to stay around the entrance of the bus. I tried to talk to people there to find out who the Lord wanted me to talk with. I turned around the looked at the bus driver. He looked really familiar. I kept looking at him and it came to me. It was the bus driver had the accident. I told my companion and we both went up to him to talk while he was driving. He remembered us and he started asking a lot of questions about our message. We gave him a Book of Mormon and got his phone number. Everything was so led by the Lord.

Bye!!! Love you!

At the members' chicken farm party
Sister Jensen eating chicken liver 
Country side
During District Meeting. They were doing a role-play for bus 전도. haha
 I just laughed after seeing this. Something Koreans always say. "먹고합시다.""Let's eat first!"
A little town we went to called 금산. This is famous for ginseng. It takes a hour on the bus to get there so we went there to proselyte the whole day. We found for good new investigators from talking on the street.
최은지. She is a little girl we are teaching before her baptism.  
조진숙 자매님. I had to send you a photo of her because she is the hardest working member missionary ever!! She loves doing missionary work with us so we have spent a lot of time together.

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  1. I went to 금산 once, for a... something... 전시회? I think that's what we called it. It did seem like a gorgeous area (I was there in the winter and it was pretty cold!) I remember the members there said the tap water was safe to drink.

    Isn't it funny how every place in Korea seems to be famous for some kind of food? I was on a bus once with a lady, going by this little town, and she said, "That's where the frog melons are from. They're famous." I asked, "Oh, are they good?" and she said, "No!"

    I love "먹고합시다." I used to have 금강산도 식후경 in vinyl letters over our kitchen sink (before we moved). That's kind of my life motto.