Thursday, 25 September 2014

추석 (Chuseok)

Stories for this week...

1. We have North Korean escapees as our investigators... I know you probably won't believe it but it's true. We found Sister 허 while we were putting up free english advertisement. She and her daughter were wanting to learn English and they were so stoked about our programme. Last Friday we met and they told us of their escape stories or starving, walking in snow, breaking into empty houses to find shelter, living on pumpkin seeds covered in rat poison.  It was just like in those books I read back at home. Who knew I would ever have North Korean investigators haha

2. We went to visit a potential investigator. She told us to come to her work. We went and all of her workmates were there. She wanted us to join the network marketing for 'Univera' haha we told her we can't because of regulations. Her workmates they were asking a lot of quesitons about what we do and about our church. It was a good apportunity. They wanted us to have lunch with them so we all ate 된장찌게and Kimchi together. They also gave us so many make-up and moisturiser samples... haha Sister Deus and I have been using them and they are quite good. I'll send you some haha.

3. We were walking on the street and we saw a really old grandma carrying a bag. We offered to help then she suddenly gets out these caps from the plastic bag and she looks at us with those eyes from puss'n boots cat in Shrek. She wanted us to buy her caps... They were old and kind of dirty caps. We were gonna just say 'we don't have any money' and go but those eyes were so piercing... haha Sister Deus and I ended up buying a hat each for W3000. These people in the store we were next to were watching the whole thing and they were laughing haha. The caps are gonna be our souvenirs for our companionship.   

4. We have an investigator called Sister 박. She reallly likes the standards in the church and she wants her kids to grow up in living the church standards. We were teaching her last time on the Faith in Jesus Christ and commandments. We shared D&C 82:10; how the Lord is bound to bless us when we keep His commandments but if we don't then He had no promise. She said "that's like a deal. I don't think a parent's heart is like that. I think a parent loves the child regardless of what he/she does and would want to bless them the same." Sister Deus and I looked at each other and we were like "..." We didn't know what to say. We could tell that she was asking with a sincere heart so we wanted to answer the question well. We had a little silent thinking moment and I prayed in my heart and asked Heavenly Father to loosen our tongues. As we answered her question I felt God really loosening my tongue. I didn't know beforehand what to say but we answered we felt the Spirit confirming our words. I was grateful to be His instrument at that time.

This week for personal study, I am focusing on the Atonement. I asked Sister Deus what kind of studying helped her to understand about the atonement. She said that reading her patriarchal blessing and thinking about how the atonement is blessing her life helped her a lot. I tried and it helped me. You should try it too.
I am amazed how naturally the atonement is applied in our lives. I was studying repentance one morning and I thought to myself "have I repented of my sins?" I prayed to know if I have. My memories were pulled back to the night before when I prayed with sorrow for something I struggle with and asked God to help me overcome it. I didn't even know that I was repenting then. I just did it because I had a sick feeling in my heart from it and wanted to get rid of it. It's also the same as member missionary work. When we say 'oh i gotta to member missionary work' then a lot of the times they get stressed but member missionary work actually should come naturally as one tastes the joy of the Gospel.

I'm loving missionary work. I'm learning a lot from my companion. She is an angel. I sometimes wonder why she's not flying haha.

Love you and happy 추석!!!

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