Thursday, 25 September 2014

"Greatest blessing"

I just got my transfer call. I'm staying in 서산 but my companion is changing. I'm sad and also excited. I looove sister Deus and we've become so close so we are both feeling sad about only being together for one transfer. I have learned so much from her. She is a very natural teacher. She gets down to the investigator's level and really helps them to feel comfortable as we teach. My new companion is Sister 안규진!!! :) Gosh, i'm so blessed. I know her because we went on a split together in 여수. It's weird because she is transferring into a new area for her last transfer. I feel strongly that God is sending her here because I need to learn from her. 

Goodness me. I am being sooo spoilt on my mission with companions. Not kidding. All of my companions have been superb, obedient and loving missionaries. If someone asks me what was your greatest blessing on your mission, I would have to say 'my companions.' God has taught me so many lessons and moulded me into a better missionary through all these angels. I feel His love through them.

This week was a big miracle week. We had quite high stats. I don't think I've ever had 4 investigators at church before on my mission... We have in total 15 investigators and a lot of them are progressing well by keeping commitments. Our schedule is packed with appointments that we didn't have time for weekly planning... We had to do it during companionship study. Gosh, I feel so blessed right now.

One of the people that came to church yesterday is called Brother Moon. We found him at our Lake Park next to the church. When we met him the last couple of times, I really didn't think that he had potential. He interrupted every time we tried to share our message and kept talking about Germany... (He thinks that Sister Deus came from Germany, even though we told him many times that her grandparents are from Germany haha)  Well... haha he just showed up to church yesterday and dragged a friend with him. He got along super well with the members and he said he wants to come next week as well... haha I don't know what happened...

We went to a place called 해미읍성 the other day. It's a place where a lot of the Catholics were executed by the local leaders in the past (like 1820's?) They executed anyone who refused to deny Christ. I was amazed at their faith. This was probably before the Restoration happened but these people were enlightened by the Holy Ghost about the living reality of Jesus Christ. They gave up their lives not to deny what they came to know through the Holy Ghost. We went there with a less-active and a member. She is that less active I was talking about last week.

Sister Kim (the less-active) is a strange one. Whenever she is with us, she admits that she knows that our church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true. She admits that she knows that God wants her to come to our church from the Catholic church but she is too scared to make changes because she 'loves the praise of men rather than the praise of God'. While we were going around the Catholic memorials with her. She was bowing to the Mary statues and Pope Francis statues...etc. I just sighed and felt frustration towards her. She told us that she was reading the Book of Mormon every night and because of that her family relationships are getting better but still I felt disappointment because she wasn't meeting up to the expectation that I had set which was to change churches immediately. I prayed to God for help to understand and feel comforted. Later in the day I read a Liahona story about how God is proud of the little steps we make in like. I came to realise that I was blind to how God is proud of the steps she has made to improve her family relationships even though she isn't willing to change her religion quite yet. I learnt the importance of appreciating the little steps...

haha at 해미읍성 we went out for lunch together. We had cow-head soup. I was fine about it but I was worried Sister Deus won't be but to my surprise she gulped it down and chewed all the head-meat down so happily. After the meal I told her that I was surprised she likes cow-head meat which a lot of Americans are afraid of. She was like "what?!!! that was cow-head meat?!" She started feeling sick after I said that haha.

Love you all!!! 화이팅!

Our District 

With our member Sister Kim. She fed us ginseng with honey. 

Travelling back in time

We did archery at 해미읍성. It was so fun.

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