Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"We matter"

When we meet people we often introduce ourselves and ask if they have any service opportunities we can help with. Most people say no... but the other day this grandma we met said "my hip hurts so much and I live all alone. Come to my house and visit me." She gave us her address so we went and visited her. She was so happy! She told us of her some kind of a skin disease called 두두르기. That was making her so miserable. She said that she can't reach her back to put the ointment on herself. We offered to do it. She took off her top (we went to the public bath that morning so we didn't get a too much of a shock with nakedness haha) and we started applying the ointment on her back. We felt so happy that we could be God's instrument at that time. 

This is an article Sister Deus wrote during her personal study. I really liked it so I wanted to share with you. 

"We matter" 
-By Sister Deus, Korea Daejeon Mission-

You might ask what a farm boy who lived in the 1800s has got to do with me or you. How would you react if I told you he changed your life?

Our Savior Jesus Christ had come and gone, saving us all from a future of eternal misery.
His beloved apostles had all passed on as well, completing the Bible. Prophets were no longer to be called. God had closed the doors of Heaven.

Or so they thought.

People decided that God no longer cared about us or talked with His children. By doing that they themselves closed the doors of Heaven, cutting themselves off from the Loving Father of all.

But God waited for us to be ready.

When Jesus Christ ascended to His Father there was one God, one church and one baptism (Ephesians 4:5)

There continued to be only one God, so why was there no longer one church?

This was the question of 14 year old Joseph Smith Jr. as he went into a grove of treets just behind his house to pray. He sought knowledge that he knew only God could give. This boy had limited education. He worked on his family's farm. He was one boy in a large family. He wasn't known by any of the "important" people in this world. He wasn't someone particularly special at all.

And yet, in that sacred grove of trees, God and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to him and answered his question.


Because that young boy was a son of God capable of inheriting the kingdom of God. And so are you.

This young boy's prayer opened the doors of Heaven again. He recovered lost doctrine. Through him the priesthood was restored. Ordinances of salvation were again made available to us. The knowledge and blessings we received from this experience are endless. But here is one very important thing to remember.

We matter.

God the Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour appeared to a young boy in the middle of a forest and called him by name. He knows our name. We are His children. He knows us. 

He has told us that His work is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). Every man, every woman, every child. He will not rest until that work is complete. He will guide us  to eternal life. No matter where we are, what age we are, or how important we ourselves think we are, we can receive answers from God as Joseph Smith did. We matter to God, which in this life is truly all that matters.

* * *

This girl is called 기빈 KeeBeen. She is a recent convert and she is the only member in her family. She is so funny... she follows us around touching my arm hair and recording our voices... haha
On Saturday, our investigator, Sister Lee took us to a beach called 몽산포 with her son. We had kimbab and apples. 
Love this photo! 
Jumping shot at the beach. Sister Deus took these so well but when I tried to take the photos of her jumping I failed so miserably haha. She jumped like 30 times then I got a photo of her in the air. Poor Sister Deus...
(Jooho) 주호's turn at a jumping shot
I made a planner with the photo collage you sent me!

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