Monday, 27 October 2014

A test of Faith

Lately, we are not able to meet some of our investigators because it is the harvest season of the year. Sister Nam works harvesting ginger so she is too busy to meet till middle of November. We call her occasionally and she is doing well reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. Gosh, I feel for her. She works so much that she only sleeps like 4hours a day but she still takes time out to pray and read every morning. From what I've observed, I think a lot of investigators who end up getting baptised has this kind of period when God tests their faith before baptism...

Gosh... we have been getting a lot of punks this week.. haha.

On Tuesday, we were on our way to go to our investigator, Sister Hwang's house. We wanted to suddenly visit her and give her the Restoration Video. We were walking past the bus stop where we met her spontaneously last time. I thought "It'd be so funny if we see her again here" then there she is casually walking towards us with her bag full of 목욕탕(public bath) neccessaties. She was on her way to the public bath again. We were so ecstactic to see her. She said that usually she goes to the bathhouse earlier during the day but her grandson locked himself in a room with her celphone so she had to go later. Sister An and I were both thinking "what should we do?? We really need to talk with her...This is a rare chance!" then Sister An was like "can we go to the bathhouse with you??" haha yes we ended up going to the bathhouse with our investigator... We followed up about the Book of Mormon reading and everything and taught her a lesson while she was on the water massage machine in the bathhouse.  We took out our meal times for the time we spent at the bathhouse. 

Sister Hwang is doing really well. She is praying about our church, reading the Book of Mormon and attending church so we are expecting miracles for her. Recently Sister Hwang's ancestors have to appearing in her dreams and we felt that her ancestors want her to do the family history work and take their names to the temple. We've taught about the temple and she was really interested in it. Yesterday at church she told us of another special dream she has had recently. The reason why Sister Hwang refuses to be baptised is becaused she has already been baptised with her mum at a different church and doesn't understand the importance of the priesthood authority. In her dream, her mum appeared in her dream and she was handwashing a white dress then her mum handed her the dress. Sister Hwang noticed that the dress was still dirty and when she tried washing it again a lot of dirt kept coming out of it. When Sister Hwang told this dream to her daughter (Sister Kim who is a member), Sister Kim was shocked and realised the meaning of the dream that Sister Kim's grandmother wanted to tell her mum that the baptisms wasn't valid. This dream is making Sister Hwang, think more deeply about everything.

My companion, Sister An is not well lately. Her health is getting really bad. I'm worried about her. I hope she doesn't have anything serious...The church members are worried about her health because she doesn't look healthy. The branch President's family gave 보약 to us yesterday and this Recent Convert gave her a 1 hour 1:1 lecture on natural healing... haha. She had a headache by the end of it. haha We have such a loving branch...
I'm having so much fun serving with Sister An. She has such a deep understanding about the Gospel. I learn so much during companionship study time. Lately, during personal study, I have been trying to ask good questions to myself while studying the plan of salvation. It's so fascinating. I'm learning the importance of asking questions while studying, the best personal studies have been the times when I asked questions to myself and found answers to them in the scriptures.

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