Monday, 13 October 2014

Making a difference in our lives

Sister Nam is progressing well. She first had english interest but as she learned more about our message. She realised that it's time she has a belief in her life. We didn't ask her to pray everyday but she has been praying everyday before she goes to work. She says that it's making a difference in her life. The other day, she only had time to sleep for two hours then she went to work. In the past she has been grumpy and impatient with the people around her whenever she was sleep-deprived but she said that prayer helped her to get through that day without feeling too tired and grumpy. 

We had a touching member lesson with her this week. It was with our member sister강. In the lesson, we were sharing about how the power of the atonement can be applied by reading the Book of Mormon. Sister 강 shared how she used to suffer from insomnia. It was so bad that she couldn't sleep for 4 days once. One day, a church sister suggested her to go for a walk outside and read the Book of Mormon everyday. At first Sister 강 hesitated and doubted about how reading a book can heal her disease but as she did that her insomnia got so much better gradually. Something that Sister강 said really made think. She said that she realised during the lesson that her healing came from the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is just like what I am learning on my mission. Before my mission I received soo many blessings from the Gospel and my nature changed gradually by feeling God's love for me but I didn't realise all of that was from the atonement, from Christ's sacrifice. I was like a child enjoying the food and everything parents buy for her while being oblivious to the sweat and tears parents put into earning that money. I'm learning and feeling little bit by bit about Christ's sacrifice for me but I will never be able to understand fully his sacrifice in my mortal mind but I can keep being grateful till the day I see Him.
On Thursday, we went to a zone conference in 청주 (Cheon-Ju). It was such a long time travelling :/ ... but it was a good meeting.

I did a musical item and sung "Come Thou Fountain." I got an elder to accompany me on the piano. Being a missionary he didn't have much time to practice so when we performed, he messed up quite a lot. I just kept on singing to keep the flow. The people still loved it and the Spirit was there but I saw that the elder seemed really embarrassed about it. I expressed my thanks to him. Later on he told me that he has learned a lesson from this experience. Because of his perfectionist personality, before his mission if he did that in a performance, he would walk out of the room and never come back but he felt ok about it this time and it didn't bother him as much. Hearing that made me happier than any other complements I got for the performance. I could see God's hand in helping him to learn and grow.
I did a split with Sister Livingston after the zone conference. She is a beauty. The photo is of us having dinner together when unsplitting.

안규진 자매님 and I
After the split
Yesterday... with our member and investigator next to a "Nike Missile." haha

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