Monday, 13 October 2014

My testimony

Our mission is making a collection of the missionaries' testimonies and making a book for Christmas. This is my testimony...
"When I came on my mission, I hoped that this year and a half of service will increase my understanding about the Atonement. On my mission, I have had to rely on Christ's Atonement every single day.

There were times when I did not have the physical strength to go on anymore. As I cried out for strength, He gave me strength I did not have.

There were times when my heart hurt from other people's actions. By being open and honest with Him through prayer, He let me know that He understands perfectly then gave me strength to forgive and forget.

There were times when I was stressed about the progress of investigators and felt hopeless, He reminded me through the words in the Book of Mormon that HE is the healer, not me.

There were times when my heart was weighed down with guilt and sorrow for my mistakes. By humbly seeking Him through prayer, He let me know that my sins are forgiven and that I need not look back.

There were times when I was worried about my family and missed them. Through my family's emails, He let me know that He is blessing my family everyday.

I know that my Redeemer lives because I would not be where I am without His power of the Atonement. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I want to share a miracle we had this week.

We have an investigator called Sister 지. She has been meeting with us for about a month now and she is a great listener and she reads whatever we ask her to read but she always refused to pray... We have asked her to pray several times already so before we walked into her lesson, we decided not to ask her to pray.

As we were finishing up the lesson, 안규진자매님 shared her powerful testimony. As I was watching Sister 지, I felt Heavenly Father's sorrow and how much He wants her to pray to Him. 안규진 자매님 was about to say the closing prayer but I felt prompted to let her know about what I felt. I asked her "Is there a reason why you won't pray Sister 지?" She said "no, it's just I don't know a lot yet and I don't have much belief."
I said to her "I'm sorry if we gave you 부담 (uncomfortable pressure) by teaching you about prayer and asking you to pray several times but I have felt during the times we have met you that Heavenly Father really wants to hear from you."
I felt the Spirit strongly as I said that. She then agreed to pray and said the closing prayer. I was reminded of the importance of following the promptings of the Spirit.

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