Monday, 27 October 2014

Personal goals

Our mission has 140 missionaries and we have not been having baptisms for 3 weeks in a row so we are having a special fast.

I'm am constantly reminded of how important it is as a member to be fed spiritually everyday with scripture reading and prayer. We have been working with and visiting some members. When they are having their trials when their faith is tested, I am saddened about their trials but I am even more saddened when I find out that they don't do their daily prayers and scripture reading. When we seek to help our members, we are always prompted to bear testimony of the importance of daily prayer and scripture reading.

Lately, I have been slacking at talking with everyone. I made excuses like 'we haven't seen much fruit from proselyting' 'we need to focus on thinking and praying about the investigators we already have' etc... This week, I noticed myself that I am starting to fear men more than God. I noticed that I am slowing down a little and being more nervous. I told this to the Lord. I asked Him to lift me up. By experiences and feelings, He reminded me how important it is to open my mouth at all times. I have made a personal goal for talking with more people and this has made a big difference to my spirituality.

We went to the countryside to help our member's mother pick chilli. Sister An had so much fun with that dog. That dog has some kind of a mental problem so it barks at his own foot... The member's mother became our investigator and we are excited to go again next week.
Our investigator and her friend took us to a 팥죽 place. It was yummy but we had to drop her after that meeting... She is not willing to keep commitments... :(

Yesterday this lady we met on the street showed us how to get to a bus stop. We went past her garden with a pumpkin patch. Sister An told her about the Halloween party we are having and how we need a pumpkin for pumpkin carving. She said that to invite her to the party but the lady actually ended up giving us a pumpkin hahah. We carried that around with us on the way to the member's house haha.

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