Monday, 13 October 2014

"Why did Jesus teach to forgive everyone when He came?"

Dear family and friends...            
I have a new companion. Her name is 안규진 자매님. Before we met each other, we both have felt that we need each other for this transfer while we prayed. I am understanding little bit by bit why. I'm learning so much from her especially on being bold with love. I read in acts when one of the disciples say 'I will obey God than obeying men.' That describes her. She has a strong love for the Gospel and is fully aware that we as missionaries have a serious calling to work for people's salvation. She is 29 years old so she has experienced a lot of things in her life. Because of this she is able to understand more about the investigators. I love her.

SIster An and I are having a lot of fun doing missionary work together. She is the first companion who I speak Korean all the time with. All other companions we did english inside and Korean outside. She is teaching me a lot of words I have forgotten and I'm learning more deeply about the Korean culture from her. Usually in Korean culture the age difference really plays a role in a relationship but although she is 8 years older than me we are just like friends.

Last time we skyped, mum and dad you told me that I need to understand more about the Korean people and their hardships. That made me a sulky at the time but I have been thinking about that over and over again. I have come to understand that actually I will never be able to understand these people's hardships perfectly because I simply haven't experienced it. Just like I cannot understand perfectly the sacrifice of Christ's atonement at this time. However, we have the testimonies of other members of the church around the world who have experience things our investigators have. They can get a lot of strength from that so sister 안규진 and I are utilising a lot of resources from right now.

Lately, I've been learning how important it is to forgive people. I remember mum once asked me 'why did Jesus teach to forgive everyone when He came?' By observing the people around me I see that Christ wants us to forgive everyone because that little bit of hatred left behind in our hearts makes it hard to live the Gospel and Satan utilises that so well to drag us down the wrong way. The happy part is that through Christ's atonement we can get rid of any kind of unforgiveness in our hearts 100%.

Our investigator 남금송s is doing so well now. She said that last time when we met she felt that she needs to stop being unbelieving but and needs to try harder to know about God. Since then she felt the desire to pray and she has been praying every morning before she leaves to work. She says that it makes her feel peace and a lighter feeling in her heart.

Funny moment...
We visited this grandma who has trouble hearing. 안규진자매님 asked her what do you ask for when you pray to God. She then said 'cleaning, washing the dishes, scrubbing the floor." We were both looking at each other with "??" We found out she was talking about the helpers that come around regularly. haha

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