Sunday, 18 January 2015

Opportunities to be humble

Today we got our transfer call. Sister Morton and I will be staying together and I got called to be the Sister Training Leader for both the 천안 and 청주 zone. Goodness me. They used to have only one Sister Training Leader for each zone but because the number of sister missionaries went down, I'll have to cover two zones. I am humbled to have this leadership responsibility. I would need to get down on my knees even more...

Sister Deus is going home today. She called me the other night. I had to shed a few tears. She is one of the best missionaries I've ever known and I just felt so grateful I could serve with her and become good friends. 

We have a christmas party coming up this Thursday. We are excited!! I'll take photos and send it to you~~

We had a lesson with 이진숙자매님 on Monday. It was a wee bit different than other lessons. 
When we first met her we introduced the Book of Mormon and told her that it supports the Bible so she thought our religion would be similar to her religion. However, when she learned about the plan of salvation, she was in awe at how different it is from anything she had believed so far. However, this isn't bad because I've never seen her get so serious in our lessons. She has always been "ahh whatever... all the other churches say that they have a prophet" "haha living twelve apostles? that's so weird." "nahh I don't think the Book of Mormon is true." "I don't want to be a Mormon because I like coffee too much"

After the plan of salvation lesson, she had been thinking about this the whole week. She said she couldn't get it out of her mind has been feeling heavy in her heart about it. She said she has prayed about it. I felt that she already feels that this is true and because she feels the truth she is burdened by the worry that she needs to be baptised and change her life a lot. She kept saying "It's so hard to change a religion though... I have had this religion for the last 10 years..."  We talked about how the Book of Mormon is the cornerstone of all the truths we have shared so far and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. At the end of the lesson, she said the most sincere prayer asking if these things are true and she asked for the strength to not make decisions with her own desire and thoughts. She is at the make-or-break-it point at the moment. She has been very sick lately so we haven't been able to meet. We are a little worried but we are planning to visit her to drop off some food for her.

On Saturday, we were knocking on doors and we talked with this lady who was just getting home from work. We introduced ourselves and she was like "ahh... I'm not really interested.. I'm into Buddhism" then she looked at our badge for a little while and talked about a friend of hers who attends our church. As I was listening to her it sounded like one of our members 강임숙자매님. I asked "혹시 강임숙자매님이신가요??" She said "아 맞아!! 임숙이 임숙이!!" She then softened her heart towards us and started talking about how impressed she is by her example. She said that she admires her a lot and talked about how she reads the Book of Mormon a lot and pays the tithing even during difficult circumstances and how she raised her kids well in the church. She then told us to come again with 강임숙자매님 to talk about the church. I was impressed at the power of one member's example in the work of the salvation.

Your example matters!! Those around you do observe!

I gotta go~~

Bye~ love you~~ 

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