Sunday, 18 January 2015

The blessing of opening our mouths

Hello everyone!!!

This week my companion was really sick. On Monday night, after a less-active visit we stopped by a street food stand and bought some takoyaki (octopus balls). We ate them together during planning.

On Monday night, I wake up to Sister Morton throwing up in the bathroom. Goodness she was so sick... I think she got food poisoning but we still don't know for sure because I didn't get sick from the octopus balls. Anyway Sister Morton is staying away from anything seafood right now...
Sister Morton has been having trouble digesting food for like a week now. She really craved chicken soup so on Thursday night, we went and bought some ingredients for chicken soup and I made it for her. She cried out of gratitude.

This might sound weird but I've had a lot of opportunities to serve my companions and other people through my cooking skills. I didn't really think about that before my mission. I'm so grateful.

Sister Morton was too sick to work yesterday so we went to the branch presidennt's house and rested. I ate dinner with the members while Sister Morton was sleeping on the bed next to the Branch President's baby haha. After the meal, the relief society sitster got their essential oils out and gave sister Morton a massage haah. I got a shoulder massage too. We are like family here in 서산 branch.

A month ago we were walking home in the snow and we talked with two girls eating ice cream waiting for the lights. They apparently saw our english advertisement and was thinking of calling us to learn english. They also knew one of our investigators so they felt comfortable approaching us. We gave them our phone number and they said they will call us when school break starts. I didn't know if they really will but a week ago we got a phone call from them wanting to meet. On Tuesday, we had our discussion for the first time. They are good listeners and are willing to keep commitments. One of them actually referred her younger brother and his friend to the elders today. Woop woop! As Sister Shin always says "open your mouth." The blessing of opening our mouths.

I'm enjoying my leadership calling as a Sister Training Leader. I love calling the sisters to see how they are doing, listening to their concerns, the progress of investigators... I feel that the Lord has blessed me with a greater love for these sister missionaries with the calling.

I am running out of time but most importantly I love you!!

Sister Sangji Lee.

Sister Morton made a christmas tree and got me presents!!
Prezzies!! thanks Sister Morton!
Christmas lunch Shabushabu~~~
Thank you so much for the present!! I was so happy!!!
 Sister Morton teaching ice skating to our filippino member last p-day. haha
MTC 동기!!! so good to see the sisters I came to Korea with.
Apparently this sign mean 'I love you' 
Missed you Sister Jensen
Smile with sisters
with 한장로님. He translated the first Korean Book of Mormon and also was Sister Shin's mission president. He has a good sense of humour.
Our investigator 서종복자매님. She is the mother-in-law of our member. Very stubborn but really funny.
Christmas Party last night
With 규리. She is half fillippino, half Korean.
Food at the party.

with our member

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  1. I knew somebody who had a daughter named 규리. Which is fun because it sounds like "cutie." In fact it occurred to me not long ago that the little satsuma oranges might be called cuties because 귤이 sounds like cutie. (MIND BLOWN!)

    Okay, I'm going to have to go through your whole blog and look at all the pictures. :) I served in 대전 way back in 92-93 (옛날에) and then my husband and I taught English in 천안 right after we got married. I'm dying to go back again. Maybe in the next couple of years!