Sunday, 18 January 2015

Three ways we can push the rock

We have been having so much snow here... Apparently it hasn't snowed like this in 서산 for like 10 years. We were walking home and we stopped to talk with people on the streets but people seemed to look at me a little weirdly. (They usually do when missionaries approach them but worse).. haha When we got home, I looked at myself in the mirror and here is what I looked like. A Christmas Tree. haha

I love the snow! It's so beautiful but my companion hates it haha. The downside about the snow is that our investigators have been cancelling appointments because of difficulty of driving in the snow.

On Thursday, we went to a mission conference in Daejeon. Elder and Sister Aoyagi came to speak to us. Goodness. I love them. Elder Aoyagi told us of his mission stories. Something I liked that he talked about is having hope in the atonement.  He seemed to have similar conversion story as me. When he first came on his mission, he didn't really have a testimony of the atonement. He thought that his purpose is to let other people know that God exists. However, as he studied more and served more he came to know about Jesus Christ and started to have more hope in His atonement.

It's like me! Over my mission, I have strengthened my hope in the atonement. I have full hope and confidence that Jesus Christ can cleanse us from sin and enable us to become better. I know that we will have the chance to have a perfect resurrected body because of Him. It's not just words in Preach My Gospel that I mutter anymore, they are facts in my mind and heart.

After lunch, Sister Aoyagi spoke. She knew that we would get a little sleepy after lunch so she made her training so fun haha. She talked about the rock story. God told a boy to push the rock. The boy spends the whole day pushing and pushing but it doesn't move so he gets fraustrated and asks God why He told him to push the rock when it will never move. God says "I never told you to move the rock. I told you to push the rock. I move the rock." The boy realises that he has become stronger from pushing on the rock...

Anyway, I really liked that story. She then told us how we can push the rock. She gave us three ways.
1. Smile. We then got up to practice smiling.
2. Use the Book of Mormon.
3. Push along.. haha for this she did something unexpected. She got all of us to stand up and sing "Put your shoulder to the wheel" and showed us dance moves to it. All the missionaries, President and Sister Shin and Sister and Elder Aoyagi got up and danced to the song. It was a good laugh. When we skype my companion and I will show you the moves.

Goodness I just love her. I had to go up to her and give her a hug after the conference.  

Yesterday during the sacrament meeting, I kept feeling that I need to get up and bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon. I was hesitating then I felt my Heavenly Father saying to me that He will give me words to say and loosen my tongue that I need not worry. I got up and talked about what the Book of Mormon means to me and I felt the Spirit very strongly as I testified about the truthfulness of the Book. I felt my voice shake and His love burn within my heart. Before I finished my testimony, I looked at the congregation again and I just felt how much God loves this small but so faithful group of people in 서산 branch. I love the people here very much. I love my Heavenly Father very much.

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